Fernando Herce Melendrez

Fernando Marqués Zornoza

Ángel Rivas Pino

Business, corporate or business intelligence

It is called Business Intelligence or BI (business intelligence), the function that collects and filters information of interest to the company and processes it through the so-called Intelligence Cycle and its specific methodologies, so Which obtains an end product of timely knowledge and adjusted to the practical needs of the organization, improving its competitiveness, performance and results.

Business Intelligence Area

Estudio Jurídico Almagro, which has been operating for more than thirty years in the legal services sector, believes that the area of ??Corporate Intelligence is particularly relevant in an economic situation in which global commercial relations – both in the private sector and in The public or the mixed – are no longer a wish but a requirement of survival for the company. Preventive and tutorial work in this area is a basic tool to eliminate or minimize risk practices that can cause serious headaches to the company.

And because of this, with the stable collaboration of recognized experts of the first level, Estudio Jurídico Almagro has developed a working team for the provision of legal services in this area of ?? Business Intelligence .

Business Intelligence Area of Legal Study Almagro