David Sánchez Almagro

Cristina Carbonell Suárez-Ibaseta

Juan Escudero Herreros

Our International Desk pursues and develops our relations with foreign clients, lawyers, law firms and international networks. The increasing cross-border activity of our clients obliges us to work closely with foreign law firms or to otherwise refer work to them. Hence, our ability to provide good, reliable and cost-effective referrals overseas will have an influence on how our clients perceive our own work.

In addition, the international Desk will provide a valuable platform for overseas clients or law firms looking for legal advice in Spain. All firms working on referrals or assignments from us provide their services under their own responsibility, generally establishing direct relations with the clients, who are directly liable for their fees.

Should you wish to approach our International Desk, please contact Juan Escudero or Cristina Carbonell.