Corporate and Commercial Law

Legal advice in the field of business and investments.

Área de Derecho Mercantil y Societario de Estudio Jurídico Almagro (EJA) en Madrid

Corporate and Commercial Law: investments in Spain or abroad

EJA’s corporate and commercial department has extensive experience in providing legal advice to businesses about the conduct of their operations and performance of their investments in Spain or abroad, in performing, coordinating and controlling due diligence surveys, providing advice in company restructuring transactions (mergers, spin-offs, and other restructuring transactions), in setting up joint-venture companies with other partners, conducting purchases and sales of companies and investments, whether of a national or international dimension.

Commercial Law: Experience in IPO

We have taken part in the design and execution of several IPOs. By request of our clients, we may act as their representatives to the boards of national and international, quoted and non-quoted companies. We also advise and take part in the negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements between companies (shareholder agreements, agency and distribution agreements, license, investment, financing, guarantee agreements, establishment of securities, etc.) as well as in processing and following up all related administrative files (including before authorities responsible for defense of competition).

Corporate law: Company formation

We offer advice in corporate law matters, including incorporation of new companies, corporate restructuring and finance transactions, and we act as secretaries of the board of a number of companies. We also provide advice in the purchase of real property assets, frequently performed using corporate vehicles.

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